Data Collected by us

We only collect your IP address along with the dates and type of access. We store this data for less than a week, usually not more than three days. We need this data to combat abuse of our service and to create simple statistics like the number of users per day.
Emails sent to us via our contact form or to our contact email are deleted after 30 days.

Site Analytics

Every time someone visits our Site, we collect anonymised information about that visit. Like most big websites, we do this through Google Analytics service to better understand how people use our site. While we do not use Google Analytics to collect any personally identifying information (such as name or address), we do collect the following kinds of information:


Responsibilities for any Damages or Troubles

We are working hard to ensure that the services we offer are free of errors but this cannot be guaranteed. As a user of this service, you agree that PrivacyCo Ltd will not be held responsible for any failure or error.

Copyright Issues

Do not use our services and intellectual property for any form of infringement.