Finally there is a comprehensive, detailed and unbiased VPN comparison.

Selecting a VPN provider is worse than buying a car insurance. As with a car insurance it is hard to get unbiased information and you have to deal with dubious agents or websites in the case of VPNs.

But at least insurances can be held accountable to adhere to their promises, at least the ones they made on the paper you did underwrite. If a VPN provider doesn't deliver what he did promise, there is not much you can do.

To ease this pain a bit and to point out some of the cheaters @ThatPrivacyGuy created a big, detailed VPN comparison sheet.

Currently there are over 120 VPNs. But even more impressive is the list of checked details:

  • Based in (Country)
  • "Fourteen Eyes" Country
  • Traffic
  • DNS Requests
  • Timestamps
  • Bandwidth
  • IP Address
  • Requires Personal Info
  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • PGP Key Available
  • Warrant Canary
  • Meets PrivacyToolsIO Criteria
  • Own DNS Servers
  • Offers PPTP
  • Offers OpenVPN
  • Blocks SMTP (Authent.)
  • Blocks P2P
  • # of Simultaneous Connections
  • # of Countries
  • # of Servers
  • Contradictory Logging Policies
  • Falsely Claims Service is 100% Effective
  • Weakest Data Encryption
  • Strongest Data Encryption
  • Weakest Handshake Encryption
  • Strongest Handshake Encryption
  • # of Persistent Cookies set by Website
  • # of External Trackers on Website
  • # of Proprietary API's Used on Website
  • Server SSL Rating
  • SSL Certificate issued to
  • $ / Month - (Annual Pricing)
  • $ / Connection / Month
  • Free Trial Available
  • Refund Window (Days)